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Strong cities are built with data. Strong cities are built with data.

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Track Properties

  • Simple, clear language and visualizations help residents make sense of complicated processes like code enforcement and building permits. With fewer questions from residents, agency staff have more time to focus on their work.

Receive Alerts

  • By pulling information directly from your existing enterprise systems, residents can stay up to date with automatic email alerts about what’s happening with properties in their neighborhood.

Analyze Trends

  • Our analytics dashboard provides high-level insights about your agency’s performance and geographic trends to help you make more strategic, data-driven decisions.

Case Studies

New Orleans: Code Enforcement

"BlightStatus [Civic Insight] is incredibly important... We hear over and over from the public how simple, beautiful, and easy it is to use."

— Denice Ross
Director Of Enterprise Information

City of New Orleans, LA

Palo Alto: Building Permitting

"What they've done very successfully is taken a very complicated process and broken it down into three easy steps: where am I in the process, what’s coming next, and when am I going to be done?"

— Peter Pirnejad
Director Of Development Services

City of Palo Alto, CA

Dallas: Economic Development

"In order to build strong neighborhoods people must know what is happening in their community and be able to take charge to fix problems. In order to have a strong city of Dallas, we must have strong neighborhoods and this tool is important in helping us achieve that goal."

— Mike Rawlings,

City of Dallas, TX

Our Customers

Palo Alto, California
New Orleans, Lousiana
Gary, Indiana
Monterey Country, California
Fort Worth, Texas
Austin, Texas
Habitat for Humanity, Dallas
Atlanta, Georgia
Sacramento, California

Life Cycle of Buildings

A typical building passes through several stages of development throughout its life cycle.

Whether it’s a demolition or a re-model,
Civic Insight supports data from start to finish, and everything in between.

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  • "[One of the] best open data releases of 2013"
  • "This is what innovation and change in government looks like"
  • “A new kind of more productive communication between [citizens
    and City Hall]”

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